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Exabar Telecom has many years of experience in delivering fully managed Cloud Based IP PBX (Phone Systems) Services, Cloud Based Call Recording service, Cloud Based Contact Center and Call Center Services and much more.  Exabar Telecom provides it all on an affordable monthly subscription service. It’s that simple.

To make important business decisions you need solid information, reports and metrics you can bank on. Without it you might as well be flying blind.

Exabar Telecom’s Cloud Based Telecom services are easy to deploy with little to no business disruption. Gone are the days of Business Owners having to come up with a large amount of cash upfront to pay for a box that sits in a back closet gathering dust and requiring constant expensive maintenance and updates.

Exabar Telecom offers state of the art cloud based Contact Center and Call Center software. Our service allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and Agents, in real time, regardless of their location! You can see at a glance who is on the phone and who they are talking to while tracking and measuring which advertising methods are working the best for your organization.

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Cloud Based Voice Services

Where It All Began For Exabar.

Our Core Product Offering

Reliable, Affordable, Cloud Based (VoIP) Voice Services.

Exabar Telecom offers phone service and system solutions for small to medium businesses as well as call centers. Our VoxECall hosted VOIP Solution provides all the features that you would expect in Fortune 500 company phone systems at a fraction of the cost.

Choose the Exabar Cloud Based Voice Service Edition that's right for you.

                           The Sangoma Connect Softphone App -                                                                                       Your office extension on your Smart Phone! 

Give your outside sales team and remote workers the competitive edge they need                  to close new business and project a professional image. 


       Desktop IP Phones - Best Selection at the best price! 

Our High-End IP phones are designed for users who are often on the phone and need access to advanced features, line support and usability options. Get more done, handle more calls, and keep in touch with more people using Grandstream’s GXP2100 series.

Exabar Telecom cloud based VOIP solutions provide the highest quality service at the lowest prices.  From hosted VoIP phone service to hosted contact and call centers, our services are easy to use, incredibly advanced and less expensive than traditional solutions.

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Call Center and Contact Center Solutions

Exabar Telecom is proud of our Business Relationship with strategic Partner Loway. Based in Stabio Switzerland, Loway is the creator of QueueMetrics, a contact center monitoring and reporting software. Loway also created The Wombat Dialer, a state-of-the-art Predictive Dialer solution. Exabar is considered the Premier Reseller of Loway's products in the United States and offers both QueueMetrics and Wombat Dialer as Cloud based service offerings. Agents and Supervisors can access these great tools from anywhere that they have Internet Access! Taking advantage of these fantastic tools while working from a remote Home Office is a snap!

Exabar Telecom’s Cloud Based Contact Center Services are easy to deploy with little or no business disruption. Gone are the days of Business Owners having to come up with large sums of cash upfront to pay for a box that sits in the back gathering dust and requiring constant expensive maintenance and updates.

Real Time Agent Monitoring – Take Control Of your Call Center

Whether you have 5 Agents or 50, working from home or a dedicated contact center office, you can “see” everyone “At a glance”. Who is on the phone, how many agents are on break or on pause. Easily “Listen in” or barge a call with a mouse click.

Over 150 Stock Reports!

How many calls have Agents taken so far today? How many outbound calls did a specific agent make this week? How many calls have gone unanswered today, this week, this month, year to date? If you do not have this type of critical information at your fingertips you are effectively “Flying While Blind”.

Used in thousands of contact centers worldwide, Wombat Dialer offers a broad range of integrated services and features:

  • Works with your existing Asterisk PBX
  • Easy, automated installation
  • High scalability: from one to hundreds of outbound lines on multiple servers
  • Runs multiple prioritized campaigns in parallel
  • Pervasive security model with extensive auditing capabilities
  • Programmable handling of calls that do not complete
  • Easy to integrate through its HTTP API
  • Strong real-time monitoring capabilities
  • Runs locally - you do not have to depend on third-party services
  • Provides a set of "building blocks" so you can create custom-tailored solutions
  • Available in English, Russian, Spanish and Italian language
  • Free e-mail Customers Support within the license duration period
  • Free product updates within the license duration period

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Cloud Based Call Recording

Exabar's Cloud Based Call Recording Service provides you must Have Benefits such as: 

Dispute resolution – Get up to speed quickly to Resolve Disputes w/ customers, vendors, employees. Make an informed decision by reviewing/analyzing what was actually said.

  • Training receptionists, salespeople or customer service people
  • Call Review - Ability to easily Review important calls, refresh your memory, leisurely take customer notes to add to your Database, CRM.
  • Resolve Issues Quickly - Bring management, salespeople, customer service or key employees up to speed on a customer situation by instead of having to explain and re-explaining, simply say listen to this or email the recording to their attention.

1. Give your full attention to any call and take notes later when replaying it. Customers feel they’re truly being “heard” — a big part of providing a great customer experience.  Insurance and the peace of mind that you won’t miss anything important.

2. Coach your team more effectively

Managers can listen to team members interaction w/ customers. Provide tips on improving skills. Provide tips on how to sell more effectively or how to offer better customer service and support.  

3. Get to know your customers

Help your marketing team better understand your company’s customer, or “buyer,” personas. Make your marketing efforts much more efficient and impactful.

4. Enhance your product or service

Share call recordings with product management and/or R&D. Help them better understand how customers are using your product, what they like about it, and what could be better.  Develop/tweak products and services that more effectively meet customer expectations.

5. Stay on the right side of the law

 Recorded calls can help you resolve disputes or defend against litigation from unhappy customers and in some cases a voice recording can serve as a verbal contract. Lawsuits and legal representation cost an arm and a leg and hiring a lawyer can be financially crippling for anyone but the biggest companies.

If you would like to visit with an Exabar Professional to learn more about how Call Recording could be of benefit to your business, please email us at Sales@exabar.com or you can text or call us at 512-354-1505. We look forward to helping you get your call recording solution deployed. 

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